RE:Presentations Online Conference 2021

Millennials in the US Congress

In a co-authored project, my colleague and I are working to provide details about the generational breakdown of the US Congress over the last two election cycles. We highlight that while the number of Millennial candidates is increasing, and becoming more diverse, incumbency and racial bias lead to a winnowing of the number and diversity of Millennial representatives.

European Conference of Politics and Gender 2019

European Conference of Politics and Gender 2019


In a recent project, I examine candidate selection methods and youth candidates. In the paper presented at ECPG 2019, I ask whether or not the inclusion of youth and women in selectorates increases the number of young people/young women on party lists.

Midwest Political Science Association General Conference 2018

Intra-Party Democracy

Throughout my master's studies I was interested in re-thinking internal party democracy from a gendered perspective. My master's thesis focused on showing how the exclusion of gender-inclusivity within political parties may skew the evaluation of levels of internal party democracy.